UsenetBucket Affiliate Program

Join the UsenetBucket Affiliate Program and earn money while promoting the leading Usenet provider. If you have a website, blog or just a great number of friends and relatives, you can start earning money by promotion UsenetBucket.

Why join?

  • Commissions: You will get commissions for every order that has been placed in our system.

  • Support: You will be appointed an account manager. We even have people available who speak multiple languages in order to support you or help you with creating promotion material in your own language.

  • Affiliate Backend: You will get access to a personal affiliate backend where you can track, views clicks, earnings and many other stats.

  • Customised Promotional Material: We have more than enough promotional material available which you can use on your own website or blog.

  • Support Charities: Have you made more many then you can spend? You can give your earnings to a charity of your liking.

How does it work?

When you join our affiliate program, you will be supplied with a wide variety of banners and textual links. These banners or links can be placed on your website, blog, Facebook or Twitter page. You can also use the promotional material in a signature on a forum or a private board. When someone clicks on your personal banners or links they will be brought to our website where their activity will be tracked. You will earn a commission on every finalised order that has been placed by this person.

You can track all this activity in your personalised backend. In this backend you can track the users that have clicked on your personal banners or links.

Our system supports multiple banners, this means that we track the activity per banner or link. In this way you can keep track of the different banners or links you have placed around the web. On every banner you can view their unique stats. Hereby we give you a lot of details in order to create the most turnover for yourself.


Earnings & Payouts

Our affiliate program is simple, easy and transparent. We offer an easy way to earn money for people who run a webpage of any kind. To summarise our easy way of earning money, we summed up the features of our affiliate program.

Easy earnings

On every order you will receive a 20% commission*. User that have registered on our website trough one of your banners or links will stay linked to your personal affiliate account.

Linked to you

If a user registers with your personalised affiliate link, the users will ALWAYS stay linked to you. This means that even when this users doesn't use your banner or link on his next order, you will still receive commission!


All payouts will be done trough PayPal or direct to your IBAN, with a minimum of € 100,-. If your earnings rise more than you can spend you can choose to give your earnings to a charity to your liking!

We love to help you!

If you need help setting up your banners or links we would love to help you. If you need a special banner that fits your special requirements we would love to create them for you. If you want to create a banner in a language UsenetBucket supports, one of our account managers is able to help you!

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Affiliate Management System

We understand that your revenue is important to you, it's not only our business, it's also your business. We offer a wide range of features to monitor your revenue and traffic. Feel like a boss! You will be blown away by the functionality and capabilities of your Affiliate Management System. Track you views, track your clicks, view your revenue, request pay outs, view your balance. All in real-time.


Your dashboard provides an easy and quick information set. View how many buckets you've sold, view how many Free Buckets your users created, your total earnings and your current balance state.

Financial overview

Want to get in more detail? The financial overview gives you an easy way to view which banners had the highest revenue, view all balance transactions and get yourself a payout. Maybe a charity donation?

World-class statistics

We understand how important data is. Use our statistics to read banners, clicks, views, orders and free accounts. You'll get all the tool you need as a great, well-informed analyst.

We <3 Mobile

We do not only offer our Affiliate Management System on the web but also in your iPhone and iPad. Want to see how much money you made today? Log in to your Affiliate Management System and view your statistics. Want to get paid for your effort? No problem, get paid while sitting on the bus!

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